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Empire Infamous wins the 2013 Campaign Cup

London, UK, July 8, 2013 – Empire Infamous wins the 2013 Campaign Cup Millennium Series held in London, England over the 4th of July Weekend.

Empire Infamous, with help from players from sister team Sacramento XSV, is competing in the 2013 Millennium Series CPL division. The Campaign Cup roster consisted of Nicky Cuba, Damian Ryan, Bobby Aviles, Chris Sosine, Brad McCurley, Rich Telford, Thomas Taylor, and Jaime Lopez.

After completing the event undefeated, Rich Telford, co-captain and coach of Empire Infamous had this to say – “This was a long time coming. Not being able to practice before the event was a bit of a disadvantage but luckily we had great gear and the best paint in the world in Ultra Evil. Having those products in our corner allowed us to focus on executing our game plans and ultimately bring home the win.”

Billy Ceranski, of Empire Paintball stated “Bringing together a group of guys from two teams to compete at this level is not easy and it’s a testament to the players from both teams that they were able to gel so quickly. It also takes time to get the feel for playing in Europe, but with its first win under their belt, we will look to closing the ’13 campaign strong in Paris.

Nicky Cuba of LA Infamous added, “We had an awesome time and everyone really stepped up when it was needed. The Ultra Evil shot great and the Vanquish is the best marker going. Winning an event is always awesome, but doing it in London during the 4th of July holiday made it even more special.”

Added Thomas Taylor, “the Vanquish was great, but everyone watching knows the JT Impulse might have done a bit more damage.”

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