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How to Get a Woman ….. to Play Paintball

(to the guys from a woman’s point of view)

“I wish my wife (girlfriend) would play paintball.” I have heard this phrase at so many events that it starts to get annoying. Well guys we (the women of paintball) want them to play too! Take a look around at your next scenario event. There are not many women running around, but those of us who are there would love to have more women there. Besides it gives you something to look at and someone for us to relate to.

The question is how we get more of them involved. The craziest way would be to get them mad and then tell them they can shoot you if they come out to the field with you; but I don’t recommend this. It could be really fun for her, but the parts of you she would be aiming for might hurt for weeks to come. However, this would only be a short term solution and we need to come up with long term solutions to recruit more women.

The trick is that most women do not enjoy getting hot, sweaty, and dirty while running around in the woods; let alone with an extra 10-20 pounds of gear on. Women who play scenario paintball are a unique breed in their own, but some did not even know they would like paintball until we played. The idea of spending a weekend with 98% men, running around in the woods with paintball guns, and pretending to be in a real life version of Modern Warfare just doesn’t draw women in.

So how do we market our sport to women? First, I know we all love our “war stories” from the games, but to an outsider talking about taking out 5 guys in a tower, bombing a base, or even “taking the flag” can turn them off the conversation. They might be interested but because they lack the basic understanding of paintball they would not truly understand.They may even think it sounds fun, but the stories most likely will not be enough to make them a huge fan. Why? Because they would have no idea what we’re talking about. Share more stories about the personal connections made or – here’s a good one – about the girls you saw playing!

Secondly, do not show ladies your “paint hickies” – most women are not going to get excited about any sport that causes bruises like that. Nor will they be interested once they find out some of those bruises can last a couple weeks. Seriously, most people will not be interested in a sport that can do that. (Like I said before – we are special people)

Finally, pitch it to them right! Women tend to be swayed by things that warm the heart (sorry ladies it’s just the fact that we’re kind of mushy in the heart department). Tell them about the great friends you have met, how no one is left out, and how they care about each other. Let them know how the people you have met playing are like family to you and will be there for you if you need them. Tell them about the kids you see playing – yes, because either they will think “well if a kid can do it I can” or “how sweet is that” (which goes back to warming her heart).

I make no promises that this will work, but from a woman’s perspective maybe it will help you guys get your girls out to the field. The key is to get them out there; trying it, because I swear most people get hooked the first time they play.

Kelly ~ Pistol ~ Brennan

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