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Airsoft vs. Paintball – Difference and Comparison of Sports

Airsoft vs. Paintball – Difference and Comparison of Sports

Both airsoft and paintball are organized sports where players use guns to shoot projectiles at each other. Even more, both games involve tactical thinking and they are a lot of fun.
However, having played both, I can easily tell you that the experience is not the same. Each game has its pros and cons and each is worth trying at least once. Still, for those of you who have not yet decided which one is best, today I’ll make a short comparison between the two sports.
The Game
The main idea is similar in both games, but with airsoft, it is more of a combat simulation. The game offers the best military experience due to the advanced tactics it implements and each team member has a well-defined purpose.
Paintball is mostly about hitting your adversary in order to eliminate them before they eliminate you. The game is not as organized from a military point of view, but it is more popular and has more events than airsoft.
The Guns
If you take a quick look on googgun.com, you’ll notice that airsoft guns are very similar to real guns. Even more, manufacturers are required to add an orange tip at the end of the barrel to make it easier to distinguish between real guns and airsoft ones.
In paintball, you use special guns, designed to shoot paintballs that consist of a tank and hopper. Also, in order to aim, you only have to line up your nose with the barrel (with airsoft weapons you can use the available sights for a better aim).
However, airsoft guns need constant improvement (accessories and better parts) to become actually good while paintballs don’t require too much maintenance. Even more, paintball guns are a lot more durable so, you’ll only buy the gun once.
The Ammo
Airsoft weapons use BBs (small, round, plastic pellets) while paintball guns use capsules with a soluble dye that break upon impact. This way, with paintball, it’s a lot easier to know when you’ve hit someone – the die spreads across your target’s equipment and it’s highly visible.
With BBs, you need to rely on your enemies’ character as they are difficult to see in the field. There are some BBs that are painted green to be easier to see, but you still need to declare yourself shot and get out of the game.
The Events
Both sports have their events and some even offer prizes, but paintball is a lot better organized on this aspect.
The Rules
Both sports allow getting close to your opponent, but in airsoft, you shout ‘Bang!’ when you’re within a meter from your enemy. This is to avoid injuring someone as BBs can bruise or even produce damages when shot from a powerful weapon. In airsoft, you can also use toy knives to take down your opponents.
In paintball, you can tag your opponent with your barrel but you can also use toy swords, lightsabers, and other cool accessories. This happens if the other player is 5 feet away from you.
Overall, both sports allow you to move around and test your physical abilities as a shooter which is pretty great. Also, both help in building cohesion between team members and teaching team members how to communicate more effectively.

Article by: William Padilla

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